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Job Seeker Frequently Asked Questions

For additional services, please contact your local Workforce Center


Password or Login Problems

  How do I get a new password?
  Why didn't I receive my password reset?
  Why am I getting a "Password Error" message when I try to register?
  What if I'm not comfortable providing my social security number?
  What is the Password Question and Answer?

Registration/Profile Settings

  Why do I have to reregister if I am already registered?
  I live in another state so I don't know which county I'm supposed to select.
  What information does the employer or recruiter see in my profile?

Account Settings Page

  What does Preferred Contact Method mean?

Job Titles/Skills Page

  Why am I limited to only 4 Job Titles for my registration?
  Why does the system restrict my experience to 8 years and 3 months?

Updating Account Information

  How do I change my account information?
  When does my account go inactive?
  How do I inactivate my account?


  How do I attach a résumé/document to my account?
  How can I tell if my résumé/document has been attached to my account?
  How do I make changes to the résumé/document I have attached to my account? Can I attach more than one résumé?

Job Postings

  Can I view job postings without registering on your site?
  How do I apply for a position that I am interested in?
  How do I find the most recent job postings?
  How does "auto-matched" jobs work?
  How do I get back to a job that I found in a search?
  Why can't I fill out ONE application and have the Workforce Center send it out to ALL the open positions?

Job Search Notifications

  Why did I receive an email when the website says the "Position is no longer available?"
  Why can't I use my Yahoo email account in Connecting Colorado?

Workforce Centers

  What is a Workforce Center?
Questions about Unemployment Benefits
For all matters related to unemployment, please contact the Division of Unemployment at:
(303) 318-9000 or visit their website at CDLE-Unemployment Insurance
Contacting the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Please use the following link to contact the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment CDLE-Job Seekers
  Please send additional questions or comments to:

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CDLE Workforce CDLE