Support Veterans

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Our mission is to provide Veterans and transitioning service members with the resources and services to succeed in the 21st century workforce by meeting labor-market demands with qualified Veterans.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Reduce your income tax liability if you hire a veteran who meets certain requirements.

Receive recognition for Hiring a Vet

Employers are recognized through the "HIRE Vets Medallion Award." Employers who hire and retain veterans, including their efforts to establish employee development programs and veteran specific benefits to improve retention. Award recipients will have the opportunity to utilize the medallion in the marketing of their firm as a veteran friendly business when hiring, and in efforts to attract additional business. Detailed information about how to gain eligibility can be found at

Speak with a Veteran Representative

Contact your local Workforce Center to learn about recruiting veterans.

Priority of Service

Military veterans are an imperative part of Colorado's workforce. Veterans have made many sacrifices serving this great country. For that reason, the Colorado workforce system is proud to honor Colorado veterans with Priority of Service. Veterans are defined as those that have served one day active duty in the military and who is discharged or released from service under any condition other than dishonorable.