Training & ReTraining

people in a room getting trained

Colorado Workforce Centers can provide you with a unique opportunity to develop your own skilled workforce and save money while providing career growth opportunities to workers. Training services result in a win-win scenario for both the employer and the employee.


A full range of quality candidate skill assessments are available to help you and your hiring needs.

On-the-Job Training*

Ideal for small business in Colorado, our on On-the-job Training Program helps you get the employees you want with the skills you need. Through this unique opportunity initial training costs for skilled positions are offset while employees learn how to do the work you need.


Provide job candidates with experience in an occupation or profession at your place of business.

Incumbent Worker Training*

Funding for training and certification of your current workforce. Available funding varies by region.

Custom Training Options*

How can we help you meet your training needs? Many Workforce Centers have additional training and workshops specifically designed to meet employer training/hiring needs. Contact your local Workforce Center to find out about our custom training options.

Youth Services

Youth employment resources, training and internships are available to employers.

*Services available in selected workforce regions